Cyberpunk 2077. Innovative masterpiece that changes game history.

Cyberpunk 2077. Innovative masterpiece that changes game history.



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Cyberpunk 2077 is a open-world action RPG game developed by CD project RED.

In a divided dystopian world, where huge companies control all parts of civilized life and the rest are dominated by gangs, the player is played as a big dream mercenary V in Night City, which is considered the most difficult city to live in the United States. With the release about two months away, many gamers are looking forward to the game. The game is like a ray of light in the current game market, which is full of cliches.


Cyberpunk 2077 was first developed around May 2012, and the first trailer was unveiled in 2013 and full-fledged information was released in 2018, five years later. The representative concept of Cyberpunk 2077 is as follows.



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  • RPG based on a brutal future that closely resembles reality
  • Diverse, charming and free storytelling.
  • Advanced RPG configuration based on TRPG
  • Customized characters and job systems that can be nurtured at will.
  • Numerous weapons and a wide variety of alterations, body transplants, and other next-generation devices.


Don't you expect a lot from just looking at it like this? In addition, among Cyberpunk 2077, the production team of "The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt" will be joined to create a development consisting of enormous manpower.



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The scenery of 'Night City', which is the background of the game, is also so beautiful. Let's go into the game. The first time you play a game, you can choose one of three life paths. Among them, I chose "Nomad," and the main character I control, named "V," was basically working together as a Clan, but now I'm out of Clan, and it was a setup that started in Badland outside of Night City.

After the manipulation tutorial, which also explains life's background, meeting fellow Jacky and moving to Night City for seemingly dangerous cargo transportation is the real beginning of the prologue.


What I felt after playing this game briefly was that all NPCs talk to others in their respective life positions. Most games have interactions in every conversation. So NPCs don't say useless things. But this game is different! NPC also chatters and acts naturally like a person. This makes me feel like I'm living in a game, not playing a game. I can feel this city vividly.



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The most representative setting of the game, "cyber punk," is a kind of mercenary. Night City's police (NCPD) cannot afford to respond to all crimes, so mercenaries pay for solving crimes. And these mercenaries are called Cyberpunk. Of course, as a mercenary, various missions can be carried out, usually given by "Fixer," a broker with strong connections and intelligence.


"What do you want, a life where you can live comfortably as an ordinary person, a life where you can pee and die, and a life where you can go and put your name on a page of history? One choice is to change your life."

– Dexter, The Legendary Fixer.




I don't have much information released yet, so I think it's up to here, which is what I can describe. It was originally a game to be released on April 16, and was postponed until September 17 and then again to November 19. I don't think there will be any more acting. 


So far, there is no word that optimization or these parts are highly complete. But I believe in CDPR. We know that capital and time are not infinite in making games. Although every detail of Cyberpunk 2077 has been taken care of, the completeness of them is not high. The quality of these parts can be improved due to the postponement of the release date, but as a result, there are many loopholes in the details. However, the amount of work shown by them was still negligible. There were just too many basic elements of implementation, so there was still a lack of work in an unexpected situation. CDPR is still focusing on quality up until release date. I hope it will be a more complete game like 바둑이사이트


Cyberpunk 2077. I'm looking forward to the full version. I'll be waiting for the release date.

Thank you for reading my long article. I will come back with a good game next time.

World's Oldest MMORPG, Living Legend "The Kingdom of Winds"

World's Oldest MMORPG, Living Legend "The Kingdom of Winds"


( image / 


The Kingdom of Winds is the longest-running online game in Korea, now celebrating its 24th anniversary, and the longest serving MMORPG in the world. Nexon's MMORPG, based on the cartoon "The Kingdom of Winds," started its service in 1996 and is still commercialized more than 20 years ago. Of course, there are many games that serve long hours, such as "바둑이사이트" but "land of wind" is unique among them.


It is a game that is available not only in Korea but also around the world, and is being serviced worldwide under the name "NEXUS: The Kingdom of the Winds" It is currently being serviced until 2020. What's interesting is that even though it is based on U.S. services, players of various nationalities such as Indonesians and Canadians can be seen in the Ingame.


 (image / 

The most surprising thing about this game is that although it is an old game classified as a classic RPG, updates are very active. The quality of the graphics and insert illustrations of the added content has soared to a certain point in time, which is believed to have been caused by a change in the composition of the production team. It is a game in which new contents are continuously added as well as continuous updates. Of course, the more content is added, the more difficult the story of the game becomes, but I think it's a pretty good change compared to the countless classic games that are being neglected. A typical example is "World of Warcraft" (Blizzard deceived countless Horde users.)


The game is not the world's first online MMORPG. This is an impolite remark for Ultima Online. However, MMORPGs at the time, including Ultima Online, promoted MUG, but in reality, it is a half-game mixed with just a little graphic on the base of MUD system, while the implementation of The Kingdom of Winds is properly equipped with elements of the completed MUG game, so it is not very wrong depending on where you put the definition of MUG game. However, it has won the title of "MMORPG the World's Longest Served Service" with long-standing love from users and services from its management, which is still being renewed.





The current story applies only to U.S. servers, not to Korean servers, and the U.S. servers are creating a healthy gaming environment with one mind from users and management. As with most games, U.S. servers receive reports or solve problems related to macros and nuclear weapons like ghosts. Especially, the prison-supported game like the Kingdom of the Wind is really relentless. Once caught, he sent his character to prison and wrote in the character window that he had been sanctioned with red letters. It says, "1 arrest(s) for unspecified serious creams." The title disappears, the Moonpa disappears, and you play the game with bad eyes from other players. Once in prison, there is a system that randomly types in the nuance of "I will live well from now on," like a letter of apology or answer certain questions, and it takes only a few days to answer or type according to "sanctions reasons." Typing and answering questions for a few days will make them get out of prison, but what's really cruel is that most of the game interfaces are blocked. Once the NPC's function itself cannot be used, and the function using the "command" is also ignored by the NPC, saying it "does not mix with criminals." As all of these NPC functions are paralyzed, even quests and minor quests are not allowed. In addition, the character can't use the after-the-death and post-world items, treating the character like a real criminal and making it no different from permanent suspension. I like this part quite a bit. This should have been the case for malicious users who hurt other users. As such, thanks to the constant reports of users and monitoring by the management team, no one uses abusive macros, and the management team gives feedback on reports and suggestions. It is no match for the macro answers of the Korean server. Some users say they are not angry at this service spirit, even if it is not the answer they want.


I wrote a rough description of 'The Kingdom of the Wind'. I hope my writing helped.

There are too many so-called 'instant games' these days. Most of the games are short and fast.

But sometimes I think taking it slow will give me some time to live. Why don't you try playing 'The Kingdom of Winds' this weekend?

The 151st champion of the League of Legends. Samira, the Desert Rose

The 151st champion of the League of Legends. Samira, the Desert Rose

Samira, the Desert Rose

Samira, the Desert Rose


Hi. I 'm back again today. Game review 바둑이사이트.

What I 'm going to introduce today is "Samira"the new champion of League of Legends. Let me introduce her to you, who boasts of her splendid and fast skills.



Samira does not even blink at the moment of death. Wherever you are, you just wander around looking for a challenge. After Shrima 's hometown was destroyed as a child, he found his way in Noksus, and since then he has built a reputation as a man who excels at dangerous tasks in a splendid and reckless manner. with a pistol containing black gunpowder and a blade exquisitely made for herself, Samira removes all those who stand in her way with quick bodywork and talent in the circumstances of life and death.



The above is a summarized story. For more information, click the Samira 's Story link.


Base Statistics


Base Statistics

18 Level Statistics


600 (+88)


Health regan

3.25 (+0.55)



348.88 (+38)


Mana regan

8.176 (+0.7)


Attack Damage

59 (+2.3)


Attack Speed

0.72 (+ 3.3 %)



28 (+3)


Magic resist

30 (+0.5)


Attack range



Move speed




Samira, along with Thrash, Lacan, Kale, and Fiddlestick, is a chian whose basic attack motion changes at each attack range. Shoot at a distance; cut at close range. However, the judgment of all basic attacks goes far. Thus, the "conqueror" stack is applied with only one stack stacked against any attack, and the projectile of "Lunan's Hurricane" applies even if an attack is made at close range.


Compared to other long-distance dealers, he has very high basic physical strength, and he has the highest physical strength among all long-distance dealers except for jinx, Twitch, and Draven. However, it is hard to say that it is such a big advantage because it lacks other abilities.


In the League of Legends champions, it is rare to use a plausible modern gun. Almost every champion uses a modern gun full of Sammy, a realistic element, using weapons of fantasy or unrealistic elements. These factors add to the fun of the game.







Daredevil Impulse         [ TARGET RANGE: 800 / 850 / 900 / 950 / 1000 (BASED ON LEVEL) ]


If Samira hits the enemy with a base attack or skill, or with a last hit and a different attack, he or she will stack the combo once. For each combo, the style of the samira increases from "E" to "S" (up to six overlaps). Obtain an additional 3.5% movement speed for each class.

If Samira attacks an enemy within the range of a close attack, it will cause additional magic damage that increases proportionally to the target's lost physical strength.

The Samira's basic attack on an enemy affected by the non-movement effect is applied by flying the target in the air for 0.5 seconds and dividing the next basic attack damage on the target into six separate attacks. If Samira attacks an enemy that is slightly out of range, it will rush to full range.

Samira's rush range increases with level.


There are several passive skill that have double effects for a champion's individuality, but few of them have three effects. In the case of Samira, the alphabet appears on the white rose next to it when the passive is stacked. Each time the overlap builds up, a unique sound of effect is emitted, and when the S-rank is achieved, a unique visual effect is displayed at the bottom of the samira.


In the early stages of development, the style was seven steps from F to S, but it was difficult to reach up to seven levels in the system affected until the end, and there were many difficult parts, making it the current six steps excluding F.



Flair     [ TARGET RANGE: 950 / X | WIDTH: 120 / 130 | ANGLE: X° | SPEED: 2600 | CAST TIME: 0.25

| COST: 30 MANA | COOLDOWN: 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 / 2 ]


Samira takes physical damage to the first enemy to be shot.

Using this skill against an enemy within the close range of attack will cause physical damage by cutting the enemy with a sword. Both attacks can be fatal and cause 25% additional damage.

When used during a relentless gallop, it attacks all enemies in the path after the rush.


It's a simple physical damage skill. To attack with a gun or sword, depending on the distance, if hit. If used in close proximity, additional passive magic damage is added, and it is an attack that strikes many enemies within range. The basic damage is very low, but the skill's coefficient is high, so it can always cause more damage than basic attacks. The cool-down is very short, and the cancellation of basic attacks can be very helpful in raising the 'Style Rank'.



Blade Whirl       [ EFFECT RADIUS: 325 | CAST TIME: NONE | COST: 60 MANA | COOLDOWN: 30 / 28 / 26 / 24 / 22 ]


Samira swings the perimeter for a second and attacks all surrounding enemies twice, dealing physical damage each, and removing all projectiles that enter the range.

Skill of all sides wielding the Great Sword twice in a circle, dealing damage to the enemy within the range while eliminating all projectiles within the range. The time until the end of the second cut is very short of 1 second, but it can be moved in the meantime, and the range is also good, so it is a skill that can guarantee stability. This skill also has low basic damage but high coefficient, so it has good growth potential.



Wild Rush        [ TARGET RANGE: 600 / 650 | WIDTH: 100 | SPEED: 2050 | CAST TIME: NONE

| COST: 40 MANA | COOLDOWN: 15 / 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 ]


Rush through allies or enemies. Cut all enemies through during a rush, causing magical damage, and increasing attack speed for 3 seconds. Engaging in enemy championing will reset the skill's cooldown.


A skill that provides a burst of chargeable attack speed against an enemy or ally. It is similar to the mobile devices of 'JAX' and 'Lee Sin'. It is a skill where % of attack speed increase is complied with and the lock efficiency is improved even more. However, since it has a strong sense of assistance, it is difficult to cause significant damage by itself.



Inferno Trigger  [ CAST TIME: NONE | COST: 100 / 50 / 0 MANA + Samira Rank S 6 STYLESTATIC | COOLDOWN: 3 ]

Only available when Samira's current style rating is S.

Samira hurls bullets out of the weapon like a storm, shooting all surrounding enemies 10 times in two seconds. Each shot deals physical damage and is life-absorbing. Each shot can have a fatal blow.


It is a skill that inflicts physical damage to all enemies, including champions and Minions around Samira. Skills belonging to the axis of very high total damage are even applied to fatal blows, which can cause tremendous damage with items such as "Infinite Sword." The skill seems to have been heavily influenced by the game "Devil May Cry" which is so blatant an homage that there is suspicion among users that it is plagiarism.



Overall, it is very similar to the existing champion, "Kai’sa" However, I want to give high scores to attack methods and unique style systems that vary depending on range. Skills specialized in pursuit, high kill catch, explosive firepower, excellent survival performance and spectacular play. At least playing this champion will make the game very fun. However, to say the unfortunate part, the range is very short and the tendency to rely on allies and items is quite strong, so no matter how well one does, it seems difficult for the team member to win if he or she cannot support his or her ability. And most of all, the difficulty is too high compared to other champions, which requires a lot of skill.


Thank you very much for reading my long article. I will try to deal with interesting topics next time. Well, I have to go now

I assure you, holdom is a sport.



Holdem is recognized as an international sport.In recent years, Taiwan, which is relatively strict about communist Vietnam and the four planets, has been recognized as a sport, and so has Japan.


Nevertheless, there is a deep-rooted perception in Korea that 'game played with cards' is gambling. In order to be recognized properly, I think that the function of life as a sports that everyone enjoys without any burden should be emphasized.


The quickest way is to be approved by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and adopted as an official sport. Already in the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games in 2018, one of the poker events called Bridge was selected as a demonstration event. And the news that we're pushing Texas Holdham for a trial run at the upcoming 2028 Los Angeles Olympics is exciting.


But at this point, there's something you should be most careful about. That's the part of a four-star planet. Are the trendy Holdam pubs legal or illegal? I think the answer to that has to do with gambling. Enjoying the holm itself is no problem. In order to ensure that the entire Holdam industry is not branded or misunderstood as a gambling place, we need the sense and judgment of our Holdam-loving people.


First of all, it is illegal to operate a game for a fee. Collecting money from multiple people and driving it to a small number of people through a game can be a crime of gambling under criminal law. Also, offering cash, securities, or money and valuables on the market can be a form of gambling.


Currently, KHSA operates a reporting center to prevent illegal gambling and gambling. If we, who love Holdam, do not identify illegal companies and go there, Holdom can be recognized as a sport. In order to become an official sport in Korea, an international competition is officially held, and to help the tourism industry, it is time to create an atmosphere and pay special attention to the Holdam industry so that the entire industry is not sold out due to illegal behavior.


Thank you for reading my long article.
More details are on my website, 그레잇게임