I assure you, holdom is a sport.



Holdem is recognized as an international sport.In recent years, Taiwan, which is relatively strict about communist Vietnam and the four planets, has been recognized as a sport, and so has Japan.


Nevertheless, there is a deep-rooted perception in Korea that 'game played with cards' is gambling. In order to be recognized properly, I think that the function of life as a sports that everyone enjoys without any burden should be emphasized.


The quickest way is to be approved by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and adopted as an official sport. Already in the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games in 2018, one of the poker events called Bridge was selected as a demonstration event. And the news that we're pushing Texas Holdham for a trial run at the upcoming 2028 Los Angeles Olympics is exciting.


But at this point, there's something you should be most careful about. That's the part of a four-star planet. Are the trendy Holdam pubs legal or illegal? I think the answer to that has to do with gambling. Enjoying the holm itself is no problem. In order to ensure that the entire Holdam industry is not branded or misunderstood as a gambling place, we need the sense and judgment of our Holdam-loving people.


First of all, it is illegal to operate a game for a fee. Collecting money from multiple people and driving it to a small number of people through a game can be a crime of gambling under criminal law. Also, offering cash, securities, or money and valuables on the market can be a form of gambling.


Currently, KHSA operates a reporting center to prevent illegal gambling and gambling. If we, who love Holdam, do not identify illegal companies and go there, Holdom can be recognized as a sport. In order to become an official sport in Korea, an international competition is officially held, and to help the tourism industry, it is time to create an atmosphere and pay special attention to the Holdam industry so that the entire industry is not sold out due to illegal behavior.


Thank you for reading my long article.
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