Cyberpunk 2077. Innovative masterpiece that changes game history.

Cyberpunk 2077. Innovative masterpiece that changes game history.



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Cyberpunk 2077 is a open-world action RPG game developed by CD project RED.

In a divided dystopian world, where huge companies control all parts of civilized life and the rest are dominated by gangs, the player is played as a big dream mercenary V in Night City, which is considered the most difficult city to live in the United States. With the release about two months away, many gamers are looking forward to the game. The game is like a ray of light in the current game market, which is full of cliches.


Cyberpunk 2077 was first developed around May 2012, and the first trailer was unveiled in 2013 and full-fledged information was released in 2018, five years later. The representative concept of Cyberpunk 2077 is as follows.



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  • RPG based on a brutal future that closely resembles reality
  • Diverse, charming and free storytelling.
  • Advanced RPG configuration based on TRPG
  • Customized characters and job systems that can be nurtured at will.
  • Numerous weapons and a wide variety of alterations, body transplants, and other next-generation devices.


Don't you expect a lot from just looking at it like this? In addition, among Cyberpunk 2077, the production team of "The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt" will be joined to create a development consisting of enormous manpower.



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The scenery of 'Night City', which is the background of the game, is also so beautiful. Let's go into the game. The first time you play a game, you can choose one of three life paths. Among them, I chose "Nomad," and the main character I control, named "V," was basically working together as a Clan, but now I'm out of Clan, and it was a setup that started in Badland outside of Night City.

After the manipulation tutorial, which also explains life's background, meeting fellow Jacky and moving to Night City for seemingly dangerous cargo transportation is the real beginning of the prologue.


What I felt after playing this game briefly was that all NPCs talk to others in their respective life positions. Most games have interactions in every conversation. So NPCs don't say useless things. But this game is different! NPC also chatters and acts naturally like a person. This makes me feel like I'm living in a game, not playing a game. I can feel this city vividly.



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The most representative setting of the game, "cyber punk," is a kind of mercenary. Night City's police (NCPD) cannot afford to respond to all crimes, so mercenaries pay for solving crimes. And these mercenaries are called Cyberpunk. Of course, as a mercenary, various missions can be carried out, usually given by "Fixer," a broker with strong connections and intelligence.


"What do you want, a life where you can live comfortably as an ordinary person, a life where you can pee and die, and a life where you can go and put your name on a page of history? One choice is to change your life."

– Dexter, The Legendary Fixer.




I don't have much information released yet, so I think it's up to here, which is what I can describe. It was originally a game to be released on April 16, and was postponed until September 17 and then again to November 19. I don't think there will be any more acting. 


So far, there is no word that optimization or these parts are highly complete. But I believe in CDPR. We know that capital and time are not infinite in making games. Although every detail of Cyberpunk 2077 has been taken care of, the completeness of them is not high. The quality of these parts can be improved due to the postponement of the release date, but as a result, there are many loopholes in the details. However, the amount of work shown by them was still negligible. There were just too many basic elements of implementation, so there was still a lack of work in an unexpected situation. CDPR is still focusing on quality up until release date. I hope it will be a more complete game like 바둑이사이트


Cyberpunk 2077. I'm looking forward to the full version. I'll be waiting for the release date.

Thank you for reading my long article. I will come back with a good game next time.