The 151st champion of the League of Legends. Samira, the Desert Rose

The 151st champion of the League of Legends. Samira, the Desert Rose

Samira, the Desert Rose

Samira, the Desert Rose


Hi. I 'm back again today. Game review 바둑이사이트.

What I 'm going to introduce today is "Samira"the new champion of League of Legends. Let me introduce her to you, who boasts of her splendid and fast skills.



Samira does not even blink at the moment of death. Wherever you are, you just wander around looking for a challenge. After Shrima 's hometown was destroyed as a child, he found his way in Noksus, and since then he has built a reputation as a man who excels at dangerous tasks in a splendid and reckless manner. with a pistol containing black gunpowder and a blade exquisitely made for herself, Samira removes all those who stand in her way with quick bodywork and talent in the circumstances of life and death.



The above is a summarized story. For more information, click the Samira 's Story link.


Base Statistics


Base Statistics

18 Level Statistics


600 (+88)


Health regan

3.25 (+0.55)



348.88 (+38)


Mana regan

8.176 (+0.7)


Attack Damage

59 (+2.3)


Attack Speed

0.72 (+ 3.3 %)



28 (+3)


Magic resist

30 (+0.5)


Attack range



Move speed




Samira, along with Thrash, Lacan, Kale, and Fiddlestick, is a chian whose basic attack motion changes at each attack range. Shoot at a distance; cut at close range. However, the judgment of all basic attacks goes far. Thus, the "conqueror" stack is applied with only one stack stacked against any attack, and the projectile of "Lunan's Hurricane" applies even if an attack is made at close range.


Compared to other long-distance dealers, he has very high basic physical strength, and he has the highest physical strength among all long-distance dealers except for jinx, Twitch, and Draven. However, it is hard to say that it is such a big advantage because it lacks other abilities.


In the League of Legends champions, it is rare to use a plausible modern gun. Almost every champion uses a modern gun full of Sammy, a realistic element, using weapons of fantasy or unrealistic elements. These factors add to the fun of the game.







Daredevil Impulse         [ TARGET RANGE: 800 / 850 / 900 / 950 / 1000 (BASED ON LEVEL) ]


If Samira hits the enemy with a base attack or skill, or with a last hit and a different attack, he or she will stack the combo once. For each combo, the style of the samira increases from "E" to "S" (up to six overlaps). Obtain an additional 3.5% movement speed for each class.

If Samira attacks an enemy within the range of a close attack, it will cause additional magic damage that increases proportionally to the target's lost physical strength.

The Samira's basic attack on an enemy affected by the non-movement effect is applied by flying the target in the air for 0.5 seconds and dividing the next basic attack damage on the target into six separate attacks. If Samira attacks an enemy that is slightly out of range, it will rush to full range.

Samira's rush range increases with level.


There are several passive skill that have double effects for a champion's individuality, but few of them have three effects. In the case of Samira, the alphabet appears on the white rose next to it when the passive is stacked. Each time the overlap builds up, a unique sound of effect is emitted, and when the S-rank is achieved, a unique visual effect is displayed at the bottom of the samira.


In the early stages of development, the style was seven steps from F to S, but it was difficult to reach up to seven levels in the system affected until the end, and there were many difficult parts, making it the current six steps excluding F.



Flair     [ TARGET RANGE: 950 / X | WIDTH: 120 / 130 | ANGLE: X° | SPEED: 2600 | CAST TIME: 0.25

| COST: 30 MANA | COOLDOWN: 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 / 2 ]


Samira takes physical damage to the first enemy to be shot.

Using this skill against an enemy within the close range of attack will cause physical damage by cutting the enemy with a sword. Both attacks can be fatal and cause 25% additional damage.

When used during a relentless gallop, it attacks all enemies in the path after the rush.


It's a simple physical damage skill. To attack with a gun or sword, depending on the distance, if hit. If used in close proximity, additional passive magic damage is added, and it is an attack that strikes many enemies within range. The basic damage is very low, but the skill's coefficient is high, so it can always cause more damage than basic attacks. The cool-down is very short, and the cancellation of basic attacks can be very helpful in raising the 'Style Rank'.



Blade Whirl       [ EFFECT RADIUS: 325 | CAST TIME: NONE | COST: 60 MANA | COOLDOWN: 30 / 28 / 26 / 24 / 22 ]


Samira swings the perimeter for a second and attacks all surrounding enemies twice, dealing physical damage each, and removing all projectiles that enter the range.

Skill of all sides wielding the Great Sword twice in a circle, dealing damage to the enemy within the range while eliminating all projectiles within the range. The time until the end of the second cut is very short of 1 second, but it can be moved in the meantime, and the range is also good, so it is a skill that can guarantee stability. This skill also has low basic damage but high coefficient, so it has good growth potential.



Wild Rush        [ TARGET RANGE: 600 / 650 | WIDTH: 100 | SPEED: 2050 | CAST TIME: NONE

| COST: 40 MANA | COOLDOWN: 15 / 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 ]


Rush through allies or enemies. Cut all enemies through during a rush, causing magical damage, and increasing attack speed for 3 seconds. Engaging in enemy championing will reset the skill's cooldown.


A skill that provides a burst of chargeable attack speed against an enemy or ally. It is similar to the mobile devices of 'JAX' and 'Lee Sin'. It is a skill where % of attack speed increase is complied with and the lock efficiency is improved even more. However, since it has a strong sense of assistance, it is difficult to cause significant damage by itself.



Inferno Trigger  [ CAST TIME: NONE | COST: 100 / 50 / 0 MANA + Samira Rank S 6 STYLESTATIC | COOLDOWN: 3 ]

Only available when Samira's current style rating is S.

Samira hurls bullets out of the weapon like a storm, shooting all surrounding enemies 10 times in two seconds. Each shot deals physical damage and is life-absorbing. Each shot can have a fatal blow.


It is a skill that inflicts physical damage to all enemies, including champions and Minions around Samira. Skills belonging to the axis of very high total damage are even applied to fatal blows, which can cause tremendous damage with items such as "Infinite Sword." The skill seems to have been heavily influenced by the game "Devil May Cry" which is so blatant an homage that there is suspicion among users that it is plagiarism.



Overall, it is very similar to the existing champion, "Kai’sa" However, I want to give high scores to attack methods and unique style systems that vary depending on range. Skills specialized in pursuit, high kill catch, explosive firepower, excellent survival performance and spectacular play. At least playing this champion will make the game very fun. However, to say the unfortunate part, the range is very short and the tendency to rely on allies and items is quite strong, so no matter how well one does, it seems difficult for the team member to win if he or she cannot support his or her ability. And most of all, the difficulty is too high compared to other champions, which requires a lot of skill.


Thank you very much for reading my long article. I will try to deal with interesting topics next time. Well, I have to go now