World's Oldest MMORPG, Living Legend "The Kingdom of Winds"

World's Oldest MMORPG, Living Legend "The Kingdom of Winds"


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The Kingdom of Winds is the longest-running online game in Korea, now celebrating its 24th anniversary, and the longest serving MMORPG in the world. Nexon's MMORPG, based on the cartoon "The Kingdom of Winds," started its service in 1996 and is still commercialized more than 20 years ago. Of course, there are many games that serve long hours, such as "바둑이사이트" but "land of wind" is unique among them.


It is a game that is available not only in Korea but also around the world, and is being serviced worldwide under the name "NEXUS: The Kingdom of the Winds" It is currently being serviced until 2020. What's interesting is that even though it is based on U.S. services, players of various nationalities such as Indonesians and Canadians can be seen in the Ingame.


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The most surprising thing about this game is that although it is an old game classified as a classic RPG, updates are very active. The quality of the graphics and insert illustrations of the added content has soared to a certain point in time, which is believed to have been caused by a change in the composition of the production team. It is a game in which new contents are continuously added as well as continuous updates. Of course, the more content is added, the more difficult the story of the game becomes, but I think it's a pretty good change compared to the countless classic games that are being neglected. A typical example is "World of Warcraft" (Blizzard deceived countless Horde users.)


The game is not the world's first online MMORPG. This is an impolite remark for Ultima Online. However, MMORPGs at the time, including Ultima Online, promoted MUG, but in reality, it is a half-game mixed with just a little graphic on the base of MUD system, while the implementation of The Kingdom of Winds is properly equipped with elements of the completed MUG game, so it is not very wrong depending on where you put the definition of MUG game. However, it has won the title of "MMORPG the World's Longest Served Service" with long-standing love from users and services from its management, which is still being renewed.





The current story applies only to U.S. servers, not to Korean servers, and the U.S. servers are creating a healthy gaming environment with one mind from users and management. As with most games, U.S. servers receive reports or solve problems related to macros and nuclear weapons like ghosts. Especially, the prison-supported game like the Kingdom of the Wind is really relentless. Once caught, he sent his character to prison and wrote in the character window that he had been sanctioned with red letters. It says, "1 arrest(s) for unspecified serious creams." The title disappears, the Moonpa disappears, and you play the game with bad eyes from other players. Once in prison, there is a system that randomly types in the nuance of "I will live well from now on," like a letter of apology or answer certain questions, and it takes only a few days to answer or type according to "sanctions reasons." Typing and answering questions for a few days will make them get out of prison, but what's really cruel is that most of the game interfaces are blocked. Once the NPC's function itself cannot be used, and the function using the "command" is also ignored by the NPC, saying it "does not mix with criminals." As all of these NPC functions are paralyzed, even quests and minor quests are not allowed. In addition, the character can't use the after-the-death and post-world items, treating the character like a real criminal and making it no different from permanent suspension. I like this part quite a bit. This should have been the case for malicious users who hurt other users. As such, thanks to the constant reports of users and monitoring by the management team, no one uses abusive macros, and the management team gives feedback on reports and suggestions. It is no match for the macro answers of the Korean server. Some users say they are not angry at this service spirit, even if it is not the answer they want.


I wrote a rough description of 'The Kingdom of the Wind'. I hope my writing helped.

There are too many so-called 'instant games' these days. Most of the games are short and fast.

But sometimes I think taking it slow will give me some time to live. Why don't you try playing 'The Kingdom of Winds' this weekend?